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Name: Liaoning Ming Yan new material manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Contact: Manager Mu

Tel: 0417-5939966

Mobile phone: 13940737885


Fax: 0417-5939977


Address: Guan Tun Village, Guan Tun Town, Dashiqiao City, Yingkou, Liaoning

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Main products

1. Refractories for ladles and torpedoes: Aluminum Carbide Carbon Bricks, Permanent Layer Castable, Layer Bottom Castable, Layer Gate Castable.

2. Refractory materials for converter: magnesia-carbon brick, mending brick, magnesia ball, slag stopper, spraying material, large fabric, hand-fed material, Martin sand, mending material for taphole, taphole ramming material, magnesia igneous cement.

3. refractories for electric furnace: magnesia-carbon brick, furnace cover, ramming material, spraying material, furnace drain sand, furnace door repair material, magnesia cement.

4, AOD refractory: magnesia calcium brick.

5. Ladle refractories: magnesia-carbon brick, magnesia-alumina-carbon brick, alumina-magnesia-carbon brick, carbon-free brick, nozzle block, air permeable brick, refining furnace cover, magnesia-based mud, corundum self-flowing material, permanent layer castable, ladle gate castable, expansive sand.

6. Tundish refractories: dry materials, daub, stabilizer, slag dam and impact plate.

7. Submerged arc furnace: ramming material and magnesia brick.

8, all kinds of kiln permanent layer with magnesia brick and prefabricated parts.